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About us

Criteria was founded in 1996. Our mission was simple: to provide our clients with the highest possible standard of qualitative recruitment.

their attitude is friendly
and approachable

Adam Hendrick Flamingo

We’ve grown since then, but we still work hard to ensure that clients get a quality of service that comes with a small company.

Strong working relationships are important to us. We work hard to develop them with everyone, from our clients to our recruiters to the people that clean our offices.

We take pride in our straight talking and are quick to say when (and why) we don’t think a job is realistic, but we won’t just say “no” – we work with our clients to provide alternative suggestions and solutions where a recruitment brief isn’t feasible. We believe that our honesty and the quality of our recruitment keep our clients coming back.

Doing our bit

We’re committed to doing our bit for the environment, so our paper is from sustainable forests and securely recycled. In fact, we recycle everything we can, from our computers to our packaging, cans and cups.

We support local charities and volunteer with local charities to maintain community spaces too. If you’d like to know more about our environmental and charitable activities please do give us a call.

About us